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Posted by on Feb 28, 2020 in Dating, Uncategorized | 0 comments

Dating an immature guy

He is really sweet and I like being with after a long night at London escorts. The only thing is that he thinks that games in the bedroom means his Playstation 3. Since we have been going out, my bedroom at home seems to have been taken over by Playstation games. The noise from these games is incredible and rather gets to me when I have been working the night shift at London escorts.

There are times when I wish that he would just take his stuff and go, but I do really love him. It can be hard to find a nice guy when you work for a London escorts service. Most guys really don’t want to know and there are a lot of lonely London escorts about. But trust me to end up with a guy who is kind of a bit silly but has a heart of gold. I suppose it is not a bad thing really and I do like him, but I think I need to change his attitude towards games in the bedroom.

Recently he seems to have become a little bit interested in sex toys. But, ordinary sex toys will not do or this guy at all. He wants all sex toys to be kind of technical and nerdy, a bit like him really. The other girls at London escorts laugh when I tell them about his ideas, but I don’t mind really. I have great fun when I work at London escorts but I also have a lot of fun when I come home from London escorts. He truly is a great guy to spend some time with on my days off from the agency.

I have had a few boyfriends who have been a bit kinky in the bedroom. It has not really been that great and many of them have focused on their own personal satisfaction. Really, I think that many of them have not really looked at me as a girlfriend. I have always been this sexy girl who happens to work for a London escorts service to them. My new boyfriend seems to see past all of that, and I know that many of the girls at London escorts agree with me. Yes, he is really different from the others.

It would be so nice if this guy was a keeper. When I have a couple of days off from London escorts, we spend a lot of time together. When I stop and think about it, we really do have a good time together. Most of the girls that I work with complain that their boyfriends are boring, but my certainly isn’t boring. Something always seems to be happening and it has made me realize that not everything is about games in the bedroom. There is a lot more to life than games in the bedroom, even Playstation can be fun once you figure out what button to press.

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