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Posted by on Sep 18, 2020 in Dating, Uncategorized | 0 comments

Men appreciate more natural look

When I first started to work for charlotte action escorts, I always wore a lot of heavy makeup. The other girls did the same, and I thought that I would follow in their footsteps. After a little while, I noticed that my skin was suffering a little bit. It was not as fresh as before I had joined the London escorts, and I saw a few wrinkles. When I looked in the mirror, it looked a little bit like my skin was drying out.

The next day, I felt pretty desperate and decided to go into just wearing my mascara and lipstick. After work, I was planning to go off to invest in some excellent face care products, so this meant to be temporary. To my surprise, many of the gents that I meet at London escorts that day complimented me and said that I looked fresh and clean. One gent even commented that it was nice to meet a girl without fake eyelashes.

After that day, I changed my approach to making up at charlotte action escorts of Instead of going in with all of the war paint slapped on my face, I went on all London escorts dates with just mascara and lipstick.

It made a huge difference, and I found that I was getting more dates at charlotte action escorts. Gents thought that I was much sexier than some of the other girls, so I decided to stick to my new routine. Perhaps there is something to the natural look after all. It certainly seemed that a lot of my men appreciated the more natural look.

Instead of investing in new makeup, I went around the top skincare counters at a London department store. It is interesting once you start looking into skincare. Like I said to my friends at London escorts, some skin care products contain harmful substances, and you should be careful when you invest in a skincare brand. In the end, I decided to invest in a skincare brand called Shiseido. The products are natural, and I have found that they have benefited my skin a lot. Yes, they were expensive, but the main advantage was that you did not need to use a lot for them to be effective.

After using the skincare products for about a month, I noticed that my skin looked a lot younger and glowed. Was I still getting compliments from my gents at London escorts? I was getting lots of compliments, and my London escorts dating diary had never been that full. The truth is that less is more when it comes to making up. Focus on investing in a good skincare range, and the rest will come. All of the gents that I date at London escorts say that I look classy. It is okay to be sexy, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with adding an elegant touch.

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